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Choose from a broad range of massage treatments - whether you want the spa experience at home​ or need to recover from muscle aches & fatigue, we have you covered.

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Our massage therapists will come to your preferred location with everything needed for the service. 

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Super convenient and loved the massage. Ordering again!


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I have ordered multiple times - the therapists are top quality and have helped so much with my neck pain since working from home.


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I had an amazing massage from Hana. She was very knowledgeable and made me feel really comfortable - will order again for sure.


Book a Massage At Home in Hong Kong with Relaxgo

Have you ever imagined having professional massage therapy at home? Founded in Hong Kong in 2019, Relaxgo provides users on-demand massages in the comfort of your home. Simply book our qualified massage therapists through our mobile app anywhere in Hong Kong, our massage therapists will confirm the booking and go to your home directly with everything needed for the treatment. This allows you to incorporate wellness into your daily routine so you can feel refreshed!


The idea is simple – we connect customers with professional massage therapists to customers who are looking for a safe and secure place to enjoy massage therapy in their home or their preferred location for the greatest comfort, convenience and privacy. The app is very user friendly and easy to use. We have made the booking process for a massage in Hong Kong so simple that you can finish it within a few clicks. Book your first home massage in Hong Kong with Relaxgo now!


If you are looking for a reasonable price for great quality massage from a professional therapist, try Relaxgo! Our mobile app really stands out from other massage parlours and spas plus it is the most convenient way of booking massage treatment in Hong Kong. We are sure you will love it and look to book another massage therapy again!

The Importance of Massage Therapist

You have probably heard of massage guns from your fitness influencer, friends, or on social media, which can help recovery and injury prevention. But do massage guns really work? It is a form of vibration therapy to manipulate your body's soft tissue to combat muscle soreness and aid recovery. It can provide a short-term improvement in flexibility and a feeling of relief. However, you cannot replace a skilled massage therapist with a massage gun. A therapist can identify your pain points and specifically target the best treatment possible, while a massage gun can only give a short relief.


Massage by definition is widely considered to be a purely physical activity. Yet it can also have a profound effect on your mental health. A professional massage therapist can give you a deep tissue massage and detox and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. A home massage therapy can enhance your overall mental and physical well-being.


Besides, oils play a key part in an effective massage. They prepare both your skin and muscles for the pulling, stretching and kneading that the massage therapist needs to carry out for an effective treatment. If you prefer not to use massage oils, do let us know or note it on our app  before your treatment. Your therapist may be able to use a different medium such as lotions, gels or even powders for your massage. All our massage oils used are organic, but please do let us know if you are allergic to any oils.

Get a Home Massage Anytime,
Anywhere in Hong Kong with Relaxgo

Working from home with no proper work desk during the pandemic? Working from your sofa? It will likely be damaging your posture and causing neck and back pain. Continuing to work in uncomfortable positions may cause further body pain. You definitely need a massage therapist to rejuvenate all of your aching muscles and be ready to take on another workday.


Hong Kong employees usually work long hours and sit in front of the laptop for more than 8 hours a day, causing tight muscles and mental stress. It is hard to maintain a work life balance in Hong Kong. Relaxgo has developed a recovery massage treatment that can alleviate your muscle pain by providing a relaxing massage treatment. Even if you want to get rid of poor sleeping quality, we are here for you! Download the Relaxgo app to book a professional recovery treatment now! Nothing better than getting a massage, and falling asleep at home straight away!


Has COVID-19 got you stressed and too worried to go out? You can feel relaxed after a massage. A home massage can help increase serotonin levels and lower the body's cortisol levels. Massage also helps fight off pain, anxiety and the feelings of sadness. Why not get a massage at home today to create a sense of relief, empowerment and a deeper mind-body connection. Your body will thank you for this and your energy levels can be restored.


COVID-19 has caused many changes in our life and we have adapted to the new normal like staying indoors during lockdown, can’t travel to other countries and go vacation, self-quarantine if there are any symptoms. Miss the good old days when we do not need to wear masks and do not need to trap indoors during lockdown. If you have access to a suitable outdoor space and the weather permits, we are more than happy to conduct your massage treatment and therapy outdoors, in the calm that nature provides.


Your well-being and the safety of our professional therapists is always our top priority! Our massage therapists are thrilled to have received strong positive feedback. If you are interested in finding out more about home massage, please download our app to read more! If you book with us, we can match you with a professional massage therapist for your first home massage!

Benefits of Massage Therapy in Hong Kong

Bad posture would lead to back pain and getting a massage regularly can help improve the misalignment of both the hips and lower back. If you order a recovery massage with us, it will help relieve pain and improve your range of motion. Our lymphatic drainage massage can help by moving fluid away from congested areas of your neck, arms and legs and towards healthy lymph nodes. The lymphatic drainage massage can also help clear toxins inside your body and reduce swelling in your legs. It keeps your muscles soft and light, and your shoulders would feel lighter after the massage.


Sports massage therapy is also good for your blood flow. The pressure used in massage helps to move blood through the congested areas of the leg. Once this pressure is released, it then allows new oxidised blood to flow more freely. The increased blood flow can aid in the quicker healing and repair of injuries. Having frequent massages can enhance your flexibility because it combats inelasticity in your muscle tissue. This is why the best sports people around the world have a personal massage therapist.


Health experts suggest massage therapy may relieve stress and increase relaxation. Emotions like anxiety and depression can be reduced when stress level is dropped. Stress relief massage is definitely good for reducing muscle tension and stress relief. Consistent massage helps to maintain the optimum level of your body and mind. Wellness and lifestyle should always come together and you should enjoy the benefits of booking a home massage. Apart from home massage, massage therapies also work well with yoga, a good workout plan or nutritional support to create positive life changes.

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