Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage gives the best relief to your muscles

A sore neck and shoulder is a common urban disease of modern people. Sitting in the office for 16 hours a day and sleeping and sitting with incorrect posture may cause ongoing shoulder and neck pain. Getting a head, neck and shoulder massage allows you to relieve your muscle soreness and feel rejuvenated.

Reflexology foot massage in Hong Kong makes you stay healthy

Getting a Refloxology foot massage can have many benefits, because many pressure points on the soles of the feet correspond to the organs of the human body. Pressing these pressure points can improve the our health and function of these organs. Our therapists will apply targeted pressures to the right spots and promote blood axillary circulation, eliminate edema, ease fatigue and anxiety, prevent infection of diseases, and improve sleep quality. That is why while the reflexology treatment may be painful during the time of the foot massage, it is one of the most popular treatments in Hong Kong.


If you want to get a head, neck and shoulder massage or reflexology foot massage in Hong Kong, simply download the Relaxgo mobile app to book a treatment. The therapist will arrive at your designated address and serve you within two hours. We will match you with professional therapists that are all trained in authentic and professional head, neck and shoulder massage or reflexology foot massage, so that you can get the best quality of massage services in Hong Kong.


Regardless of neck and shoulder massage or foot massage, professionalism is key

Regardless of whether you are ordering a neck and shoulder massage or reflexology foot massage, it is key that the therapists are professional and trained. For any high quality massage at home, professional therapists will be able to make you feel better, while unprofessional therapists could do more harm than benefit.


During our neck and shoulder massage, our therapist will be very careful to prevent your cervical vertebral artery from being pressed hard. Because these are the pulses leading to the brain, which provides blood to the brain, if done incorrectly and not by professionals, you run the risk of being injured by the external forces during the neck and shoulder massage. Relaxgo's neck and shoulder massage therapists have received strict training which ensures they will always perform the neck and shoulder massage in the right way. As a result, we have received strong feedback from our customers who love ordering a massage at home with Relaxgo.


The acupressure points distributed on our feet can be very complicated, and the techniques of acupoint massage are also different. The techniques of foot massage include acupressure, strokes, twists, etc. Professional reflexology therapists should be very familiar with the function of each acupoint on the sole of the foot and be able to master different massage techniques. Relaxgo's reflexology therapists have received rigorous training. They can provide the most appropriate acupoint massage in response to customer problems when performing reflexology, and stimulate the acupoints with the best technique, so that customers can get the best reflexology treatment and improve their health.

Hong Kong Neck and Shoulder Massage / Foot Massage - Frequently Asked Questions