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Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage

What is Head, Neck and Shoulder massage?

Head, neck and shoulder massage is an extremely effective method to relieve stress in under 20 minutes. Using pressure points around the head, neck and shoulders, it is highly effective in re-energising you, combine this with its expedient nature, it's easy to see why this type of massage is popular with those you work in a fast paced corporate environment.

What are the benefits of getting a Head, Neck and Shoulder massage at home? 

Given how quick head, neck and shoulder massages can be, it's easy to believe that it holds little benefit other than brief respite from your daily stresses. However you may be surprised to learn just how much this treatment can benefit your health:


Relieves Muscle Soreness - Whether we realise it or not, most of us carry around the tension of life's daily stresses, in our neck and shoulders. A head, neck and shoulder massage helps release this tension and soothe the resulting soreness left behind. You may also see a noticeable improvement in your range of motions as it will remove any built up lactic acid- eliminating the cause of muscle stiffness.


Reduces Migraines- Studies have shown migraine sufferers experience a significant reduction in pain when they receive regular head, neck and shoulder massages. By relieving muscle spasms around the neck and shoulders, it increases blood flow to the head, and reduces the pressure that is causing the migraine.

Strengthens Immunity- Studies have found that those who receive one to two massage treatments a week, have an increase in white blood cells, which are a key ingredient in staving off illness and infection. head, neck and shoulder massages are a perfect way to boost your immune system when you have limited time available.

Frequently Asked Questions

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