Thai Massage in Hong Kong

Thailand has had a long history of massage and holistic care, and with many of the top spas in the world being in Thailand. However, with the global pandemic and all the travel restrictions, going to Thailand for a spa getaway seems to be near impossible currently. If you miss the Thai massage and spa experience, Relaxgo can help! You can order a Thai Massage with Relaxgo and our therapists will bring the Thai massage experience directly to your home! Simply download the mobile app and book a Thai massage, and our therapists will arrive in as little as 2 hours. Download Relaxgo on the App Store or get it on Google Play.


Our professional Thai massage will include applying pressure to different parts of your body assisted with stretching. This promotes flexibility of the musculoskeletal system and offers a sense of relaxation. Now that the weather is getting cooler, it is the perfect time to stay warm at home and enjoy Thai massage. Use the Relaxgo app to book a Thai massage treatment at home!

Music for Thai Massage

Sound healing uses vibrations from instruments such as gongs, tuning forks and Tibetan singing bowls, to relax your mind and body. A simpler version of this practice is to listen to music or sounds that resonate with you. Whether smooth jazz or the sound of rainfall, listening to sounds you find relaxing can enhance your overall massage experience. Our Thai massage treatment usually goes with music that can help you relax and feel comfortable after massage. As the talented hands of the Thai massage therapist work away the tensions of your body, let the music ease your mind.


Relaxing music series help you calm down. However, traditional Thai music is a blending of musical elements from Chinese, Khmer, and Indian which is a combination of different cultures. This applies not only to the instruments but also to the melodies which makes it too exciting for Thai massage. We normally use peaceful music as a background for meditation, yoga, spa, sleep, Thai massage and even study! Indulge yourself in the sound of nature such as birds singing, a brawling river, murmur of a stream and forest sound with Thai massage. Many people experience natural noises as soothing and have a therapeutic effect together with Thai massage. The feeling is simply wonderful.

Thai Massage for your Beloved Ones

Who doesn't love a good Thai massage once in a while? Ahead of the holiday season, order your friends, family or loved ones a Thai massage! The thai style of massage will allow you to connect with your soul and body. Book a Thai massage using Relaxgo and bless your loved one with Thai massage.


Between restful nights in and lazy homebound weekends, you probably watch Netflix to keep the boredom at bay. Instead - this can be a great time to have a Thai massage with your loved ones! Relaxgo offers couples massages when you and your friend can each enjoy a massage while lying separately next to each other performed by two massage therapists. They will start at the same time and go through the treatment for the couple. Thai massage is a great way to increase energy levels and ease stiff muscles and also as part of a day of romance. It is also a popular activity to celebrate any anniversaries or special occasions!


Let’s get prepared for the best couple Thai massage experience. All you need is a room large enough for four persons and have sufficient space for the therapists to move. You may wish to raise the room temperature for more enjoyment. Lighting is another essential element for Thai massage. Dim the light in the room and turn off overhead lights to avoid disruption. Find the conditions that help you relax. Thai massage therapists will bring their own music but you can always play your own choice. Lavender or vanilla scents can help you relieve your mind and the Thai massage session is all ready to try after these preparations.


Thai Massage Hong Kong - Frequently Asked Questions