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Hygiene and Safety

During the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we would like to reassure our customers that we are constantly reviewing our rules and procedures to meet the government's most up to date guidelines. The safety of both our therapists and customers will alway be our top priority.

Appointment Protocol

The following rules and protocols are put in place from the protection of both you and the therapist. We ask that they be maintained and followed at all times - unless changes have been discussed and agreed upon with a member of our team before your appointment.

In preparation for your massage, please make sure there is sufficient space around a chair or sofa for your therapist to move around.

Upon arrival please direct your therapist to where you would like them to leave their personal belongings - such as shoes and bags. To avoid any potential cross contamination.

Both you and your therapist must wear a face covering at all times. Your face covering may be removed if your booking includes a facial massage, but must be worn up until that point of your treatment.

Please ensure that your selected appointment area is properly ventilated, ideally by an open window.

Most of our therapists are fully vaccinated - you can reach out to our team if you needed to request specifically for a fully vaccinated therapist.

We also request that you prepare 2 large towels and 1 small towel to use as a head rest - due to COVID these cannot be provided by the therapist, even upon request.

Please give your therapist access to facilities where they can wash their hands, both when they arrive and before they leave.

We ask that no other member of your household is present unless they are also getting a massage, to minimise the risk of exposure.

After your appointment please sanitise any surfaces touched/used during your appointment, and wash the towels used as soon as you are able to minimise any risk of contamination.

If you have any additional measure you would like to be followed, you can reach out to our team at 6145 9473 or

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