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Recovery Massage

What is a Recovery massage?


Unlike other types of massage, Recovery massage focuses on restoring the body to its optimum function as opposed to relieving specific muscle tension. One of two unique treatments to the Relaxgo app, Recovery massage combines aspects from Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sports massage to create a well balanced massage that has your body ready to face whatever life has to throw at you!

What are the benefits of getting a Recovery massage at home? 

As it combines a variety of different massage styles, with a Recovery massage you will also reap the benefits from all three of those techniques. This includes but are not limited to:


Breaks Down Scar Tissue - While scarring is seen externally as the body's natural healing process, the scar tissue can also form internally following a muscle or ligament injury. Recovery massage can help to break down the scar tissues and increase the speed of muscle recovery by: reducing the automatic stress response, stimulating blood flow and reducing inflammation and muscle spasms.


Decreases Muscle Soreness - Physical activity can often cause microtears in the fibre of your muscles, the resulting inflammation created to rebuild these tears, creates the achy feeling we all experience after exercise. Recovery massage helps to flush out the buildup of lactic acid and increase blood flow- eliminating sore stiff muscles. 

Reduces Stress - Tense muscles are often a direct result of stress. Using the small circular movements of Swedish massage, Recovery massage can help alleviate the tension, allowing the muscles to relax and thus reducing the physical stress on the body.

Frequently Asked Questions

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