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Sports Massage

What is Sports massage ?


Sports massage is one of the more modern massage styles used today. Utilised by most professional athletes, Sports massage was first developed in 1812 by Swedish gymnast, Pehr Henrik Ling. Combining remedial exercises with the rolling strokes we most commonly associate with Swedish massage, this method of treatment quickly became popular with athletes around Europe throughout the 20th century.


It wasn't however until the 1972 olympic games, when a Finnish track and field athlete attributed his wins to deep friction massage, that the practice started to gain traction in the US.

What are the benefits of getting a Sports massage at home? 

Even though Sports massage is most commonly used by professional athletes, it still holds benefits for those who only exercise recreationally, or those just suffering from some type of muscle injury.


Improves Performance - Most athletes experience increased flexibility, increased range of motion and greater endurance after receiving a Sports massage. In fact some studies have shown that even something as quick as a 30 second treatment can marginally improve hip flexor range of motion. 


Reduces Injury Time- Sports Massage not only decreases tension and swelling caused by exercise but it also aids in the breaking down of scar tissue and supports the formation of new healthier tissue after injury. The stroking movements stimulate lymph flow and the removal of metabolic waste, in turn increasing the flow of oxygen rich blood to your tissue, all of which allows for a quicker recovery time.

Decreases Muscle Soreness- Physical activity can often cause microtears in the fibre of your muscles, the resulting inflammation created to rebuild these tears, creates the achy feeling we all experience after exercise. Sports massage helps to flush out the buildup of lactic acid and increase blood flow- eliminating sore stiff muscles.

Frequently Asked Questions

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